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Sup guys,

I've been a member of this site on and off for about a year now. I'm trying to become more active on the forum, and I think I'll finally get the chance now that school is winding down and summer is coming along. Recently, I participated in the Stem Video Game Competition(2013 - Middle School Division) and I managed to produce a game before the due-date. The game I gave to judges had quite a lot of bugs but it was still playable. I took the time to fix a few bugs(hopefully all of them) after I finished the competition. I thought my game was pretty cool so I gave out some links to some random people on IRC and across forums.

Surprisingly the feedback was pretty good! It was the first 3D Game I had ever made and I was getting quite a lot of positive feedback(of course with some criticism). They felt that my game had potential so I thought the best thing I could do was get more feedback. I'm trying to pass the demo around to as many people as I can, so don't feel bad to share it with family and friends - and if you have time, give me some feedback! I'd love to hear what you guys have to say about the game - after all some of you took out the time to hone my programming skills(specifically an individual named Ultifinitus). Don't hold back and give it all you've got!

While you play this - I'd like you to keep the following questions in mind:

1. What do you think about the title of the game?
2. How are the aesthetics of the game? Am I going with a good style here?
3. Is the narrative good? What are ways I could improve my narrative.
4. What do you feel when you read the narratives? Do you feel an attachment to the characters?
5.If I polished the game and added more features, would you potentially consider buying a game like this?
6.What are your thought's on bigger maps / cooperative multiplayer(in this game)
7.How are the controls?
8.If I do implement some sort of multiplayer, should I give player the freedom to create and upload his/her own maps?

Any other feedback / thoughts feel free to post em. If it's something you would like to talk to me about privately please PM or email me. I'll get back to you as soon as I can.

(For anyone that's wondering - I also go by the alias of Grey Stranger on the internet ;) )

[Thanks for all of your feedback guys] If you want a copy of the demo just PM me.
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I will play more later but I can tell you that it can be unclear where the purple rectangle is(As in what layer which can be annoying). Also you should have a tutorial explaining that there are multiple layers like in Little Big Planet.

Structure your tutorial so you are introduced to one feature at a time(Such as switching between the 3d layers), and have the next level depend entirely on that. Tell the player "Press the spacebar to jump", then have the next level be filled with platforms they have to jump on.

You should probably watch this series:

EDIT: I hate how everything is black. Seriously. I can't tell where I am jumping. Change the lighting/colors to make it obvious where I am.
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I demand source code
When I screw up, which I do a lot in your game, the faster I get back in the game the happier I will be. When I screw up be like Thomas was Alone and reset the player's position. Don't restart the level.
virus checkers say it appears malicious, why is that?

Thank you for your feedback. Thomas Was Alone was an inspiration - however I do not plan on sticking to this art style forever =). I'll give credit to it, where due - but I've done a lot of things that TWA did not do. I agree with you on the issue of depth in my game, I really need to find some way to fix it. I didn't do a very good job of explaining the controls in the game but I did leave a read_me which I hoped people would actually read before diving into the game. I'll try to make the tutorial better , and less noticeable like portal does(thanks for the educational link).


I can see why the respawning was frustrating. I'll probably make some check points however these levels are considerably short so I deemed it unnecessary. The controls are not "on par" either are they?


Haha... one day ;)
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@devonrevenge Which one are you using? Simply saying virus-checkers does not help.
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Good Work! Just a Question in some level the spikes are impossible to bypass. probably going to write some hacks now.
The controls are often irresponsive, Monotone enviroment and lack of aerial control introduces extreme difficulty. I want to be able to change view angle
Quite good for first Unity game, I think.
Hey SpaceWorm,

Thanks for the feedback. Which level are you talking about? Level 3? It's actually possible - but I understand your frustration. The controls are wonky and it's kind of difficult to get by. If its the level I think you are on, then you should probably try to use green's height to help orange up.
Hey, MiiNiPaa(nice user name ;D)

I thought the same too. The controls definitely need some work. I understand why you would want to change the camera angle however wouldn't this be pretty annoying - from a player perspective every time you wanted to figure out where a platform was? I'm taking this into consideration but perhaps there is a better way. Thanks for the compliment - I thought I did okay as well :)
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Gotta say I loved Thomas Was Alone, glad to see other people actually played that game, I was worried I was like the only one. Good job on the game man.
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I played that game on my Vita. Pretty good. I think I might get the dlc.
You already know how I feel about this, Code Assassin.. :D
Why does the game try to access my network? Is it going to mine my computer for sensitive data while I play? =p
No mining with my game at all =)

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Then, you must have a valid reason(s) why your game is wanting access to my Network?

We all are waiting to hear it.

@Space Worm

No, not really. It seems that the problem is only on ModShop's end. No one else has complained. Do you have the problem too? Reason I am asking is because you complain about it now - when you already played my game.


What OS are you using? When using Windows it asks no such permission from me.
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Windows firewall will complain (actually any firewall) if it turned on.
Maybe it is due to unproper Unity settings (I am not familiar with it)

I see. Thanks for letting me know. I'll look into it, and see if I can fix it.
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