Complimentary C++ languages?

So I have a couple questions.. I want to get into software engineering and development, are there other languages that I should familiarize myself with that are complimentary to C++ programming? Is C++ so powerful that I only need to master this language and I can create develop anything (within reason)?
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Johnnyboy wrote:
complimentary to C++ programming

I wouldn't necessarily say a language is complimentary to another, but if you are looking at getting into software development it is expected that you have some GUI programming skills (pick an api) a scripting language of some sort: python, lua, etc... and SQL skills for database programming.
Generally, one should'nt be familiar with a computer language. It is a set of calculator remote commands having grown to a command system. A perfect native language skill is
needed to understand the system that is almost the same.
C++ isn't more powerful than underlying OS, having its outstanding interdefinability, I would say. Simply, there is nothing meaningful by default except for brackets followed by braces;
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