C++ today

Hi everyone,
I've been out of the scope from C++ for years and I would like to get back on it.
I usually worked with eclipse environment what was OK about what I did at the time.
So What's up now about C++ programming?

* New versions? anything ahead C11
* New environments to work with
* Is it loosing pace against python (after my not so deep searching- it looks like this is the whinner option now).
* Cpp and all this new technologies like dockers and the like?

Thanks for your help

The current version of C++ is C++20 - with C++23 nearly finalised. There's been massive changes in the language from years ago (how long? - especially since C+98...

There is a free version of MS VS2022 (community) if you're using Windows.

There is a free site to learn C++

For info about the language, see:
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the very best python code is usually slower than c++ (< twice as slow). The majority of python code is several times slower, even as much as 10 or more times. This is pure python; there are offshoots that address some of the speed issues to keep it less harsh. Python is easier to write (but its reliance on indentation instead of symbols is a step backwards IMHO) but it simply cannot be used on things that need performance. You can mix C++ and python to get the best of both.

you can use docker with c++.

At the end of the day, if you want your code to run efficiently, c++ is one of a very few choices. If you don't mind slow programs (because its not doing anything heavy enough to tell that its slow), other languages frequently are a little easier to write and / or a little more portable.

the c++ 17 standard made a fair number of changes and you should at the very least learn this style and use it as your go-to c++ version. C++ 20 just now came out and is still not 100% supported for all toys on all compilers. You can learn it after 17. 23 may as well not exist yet from a coder's perspective.
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