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I have many large programs written in DevC++ using Borland graphics. With Windows 10 they do not always run, and I cannot recompile as the BGI is no longer functional. I am not ready to move to a different program language or different version of C++. That would require extensive re-write of all these programs even for a minor update. If someone can give me a method to place one bit in one location with one color, I can re-create the few graphics functions I do use like “line” and “circle”. Then I should be able to compile with no problems.

What version of BGI comes with Dev C++ ?
On github there are different versions called WinBGI, maybe you can try one of these.

Have you tried to run your programs in compatibility mode for Windows 7 ?
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BGI does not come with DevC++. It came separate, but worked well with it. The problem is there are many users of my programs out there and It would be nice if I could make them work with Windows 10. I will try the WinBGI to see if it works.
Back in March ( I mentioned WinBGI, the Windows port of BGI, working with Visual Studio and how it wasn't all that hard to get it to work with DevC++.

As I mentioned at the 1st link above creating 32-bit executables with Dev-C++ on Win10 has problems. VS doesn't. BGI/WinBGI is 32-bit only.

I know the WinBGI files do work with Visual Studio 2022 and Win 10. If you upgrade your comipiler/IDE to Visual Studio won't matter to your end-users, except the executable will be more stable on Windows since it is a WinAPI app instead of DOS. It should still work as they expect.
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You could investigate Windows GDI.
If you ignore most of its functionality, it still does provide a simple way to put pixels on the screen.

See, for example, the fairly sloppy program at
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