Visual studio freezing all the time

Hello everyone.
I've got a problem with visual studio for several days and I have tried many many things to fix it but no success. I had visual studio 2017 professional, It's freezing while building, cleaning , scanning. I found a lot of possible solution in google which none of them worked for me. Then I uninstalled the visual studio and installed the community version one. Again the same problem. The only thing that I found in both versions it was after repairing the visual studio and restarting the system for a while it works properly but after several build again the same problem take place, even for very simple code like writing hello world. I almost should wait 30 second to 1 minute to build a solution and I am going crazy. I appreciate any suggestion.
( in the safe mode it works fine)
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why not move on up to the latest version? Or did you, with the community version?
If you can, that may fix it.

the only recurring issue I have is the darn PDB file failures.
for that I wrote a batch file that lets me get past it:
Taskkill /IM mspdbsrv.exe /F
del .\debug64\*.pdb

but your issue does not sound like that -- I get a 'unknown error in pdb file' in the output and then it locks the file so you can't delete it. The above unlocks it and deletes it, allowing a slow rebuild but it works.

once in a while the linker locks on me too, and similar task kill on the linker fixes it.

Basically VS is heavily threaded and has a ton of sub-processes when building etc. You have to figure out what process froze and axe it, then it usually recovers and restarts the offending process (hopefully without issues) for you.

how big is your project?? A large program can take many min to compile and that is fine. A faster machine with SSD and ram helps -- I have 20 cores, 64GB, SSD, and even then the program I work on takes 5 min or so from scratch release build. If its taking more than a second or two to make hello world, that is another story.
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As you have VS professional, why not contact MS?
On brief occasions I've had VS 2019 Community "freeze" when starting the IDE, only. Never at other times. I use 2022 Community almost never even though it is installed as well.

Each time I've had VS "freeze" it complained afterwards it was a third party extension that caused the problem.
@jonnin thanks for the answer, I tried the latest version as well, but still the same.
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