Get updated and ready for important C++ exercises

Hello all,

I'm an experienced C++ programmer with the absence about a year from it. Now I should recall and update my understandings of C++ to its current standards and rules. I need that because I'm searching for a job, so I'm expected to be always ready to give a really good answer for the exercise offered in the job's description. As you know those kinds of exercises are hard and very competitive.

From my point of view, starting with working on a series of C++ exercises, from easy to hard, it will be possible to recall things and be triggered to step forward to harder exercises one after another. This may be helpful for my case. After finishing each exercise, I will post it to this forum to evaluate it if it's correct, efficient and using modern C++.

What specific C++ exercises series do you suggest that I start with, please?
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I would recommend the exercises from B. Stroustrup's book.
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