Server Certificate Invalid or not present error

Using Borland C++, I need to create a small app that gets some info from a PHP file on a remote site.

I have a RESTClient, RESTRequest and RESTResponse that I believe are properly setup.

Compiled under Windows 32-bit, I can repeatedly execute the function and get data back.

However, compiled for Android 32-bit, the code, below, works ONLY the first time, returning data from the server. Any ensuing button clicks to reenter the function causes a generated error:
"Server Certificate Invalid or not present."

I have been unable to find the reason.

void __fastcall TForm1::Button1Click(TObject *Sender)
RESTRequest1->Resource = "";
RESTRequest1->Method = TRESTRequestMethod::rmPOST;
RESTRequest1->Response = RESTResponse1;
RESTRequest1->Response->ContentType = "application/json";


Not sure how to get around this error.
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