Difficulty renewing my Visual C++ compiler

I have had use of the Visual C++ compiler for very many years. Today for the first time after some years I needed to use it, to examine something in one of my Visual C++ programs, and I was told to renew my permission to use it. The password that I had used before, did not work, so I clicked on the option to get a new password. I got through the usual checks, and it sent back that it would email a code to me. But it has not yet emailed a code to me. I also got a remark that seems to say that it was trying to run a Java or Javascript or similar script that does not work on my computer. Does something in my computer need updating? Or what happens?

Has my version of the Visual C++ compiler become obsolete and I need to re-install it?

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what version is it? If its before 2017 you should absolutely update.
They just let out a new version, may as well pick it up and use that updated one.
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Thanks. I have been using the Visual C++ compiler since 7 November 2007 or earlier.

What web address should I pick up the new version from?

When I install the new version, should I specifically delete or uninstall the old version first?

Here in England it is snowing already!
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You can install it alongside your existing if you want - although as it's ancient and not working I'd just uninstall it. Note that by default c++ is NOT installed. You have to modify the install options to get it.

PS The Community version is the free version!
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Thanks. I have installed Visual C++ 2022 and created a new project in it, and it is at file address


on my PC computer. But, of the many files in that folder and its many subfolders, which should I click on to resume work on that project? Its setup is very different from my previous version.

I prefer to have a subfolder on my desktop, containing shortcuts, one to each of my Visual C++ projects.

If I have a project, called say Qwerty, that ran under my old Visual C, how could I copy its source files to a new Visual C++ 2022 project called Qwerty?
You still need to "register" the Community (free) edition by supplying an email account. Get a free hotmail account and you are good to go. That is what I did.

If you do get Visual Studio get 2022. It has just been officially released and will be updated as needed with fixes to the C++ standard.

And as seeplus noted the C++ packages are not installed by default. You have to manually select them.
I have got it working now.
Thanks. Revising my program for the 22 compiler has proved to be a long job, so I again tried to access my old Visual C++ compiler, and it wanted me to renew something, and it told me to ask for a single-use code -- and this time the single-use code was emailed back to me within a minute. (The project that I accessed :: some of its files have an icon with a 14 in its top right corner.) The project compiled in Debug mode correctly first try. Thanks.

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