C++ word library?

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Nah, its because I'm a liar, using a presorted version of your list.

The time spent "ensuring the dictionary is sorted" in the timing I posted is just the time for the is_sorted_until call.
hah, ok. I did the same ... sorted it, removed all the words not 3 length and over 16 (this is not ideal for the 5x5) while I was at it.
jonnin wrote:
the word [mainframe computer] triggers people like punch cards... they think it means something ancient.

Ok, I know there are new mainframes, like IBM's BlueGene computer they installed at Lawrence Livermore. I was just ruminating. I've never used one, but I'm betting it would be a lot of fun, since they're super-fast.

I'm getting the feeling this thread is going waay beyond my (limited) C++ abilities...
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