Need Library for digital to analog conversion: any help?

I need to find a library for robotics that lets me change audio from a file, digital, to analog output. 3 pins the cable is. im newer to C++, but I can work out the basics of it later. can you guys help me find a library for this?
D2A depends on the hardware involved.
Are you trying to shovel it out the headphone jack?
what is the audio, wav?
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Its a 32 bit OS. that’s the link to the actual thing. I’m trying to shovel it out of a 3 pin cable. Yeah, it’s an issue and a half. The audio can be literally anything that works.
What is on the other end of the wire?
Just a speaker. No specifics I know about it, because sadly they’re not being sold anymore. Maybe the Wayback machine?

And the wire is also 3 pin I believe. I’m not 100% sure for same reason above

That’s a link though to one on eBay like site.
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will openal work on this thing?
I am pretty sure it will do what you want, but, its quite the package for such a simple task.
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