C++ with Embedded Boards


I am an embedded programmer and I was wondering is it possible to program embedded microcontrollers using C or C++.

STM32 works on C language but other boards like Arduino or Raspberry Pi, can we program them in C?

With an Arduino, at least, you can use both (among others) with the appropriate Arduino-based libraries.
I am an embedded programmer

Was it only me that misread that?
No...wait you didn't miss it 'cos you asked about it...I misread what you posted...need coffee.
Was it only me that misread that?
No, but I decided to ignore the ambiguity, and have since found out that 'embedded' programmer is a real job and in demand.
I am not sure that a lot of embedded things support C++ fully. C is commonly used on many things. If it supports C++ at all, you may find some of the more exotic things to be missing on some systems.
Do you want to program in C or C++? Your title says C++, the body of your comment says C.

The Arduino IDE doesn't allow the complete C/C++ standard(s) to be used, it also includes "helper functions" that deviate from "pure" C/C++ programming.

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