Developing Contraol Flow graph for Solidity Smart Contracts in C/C++ Language


I am interested in developing Control flow graph in C++ language. What are the advantages available (i.e. libraries for C++ developers related to EVM) in this regard?Kindly guide me.

Please guide me some CFG tutorial in this regard.

C++ kinda sucks when it comes to libraries. Which, in itself, is ironic because C++ was created to write libraries.

And even the stuff it provides is often inadequate, and we often have to build our dogs from quarks. For example, compare C++'s std::string with Ruby's string class. The C++ one should have kept the name basic_string, which is what it really is, a vector of chars.

I'd suggest looking for math libraries, probably start on github and google.

Doing that myself showed:
CoFlo, which died in 2012,
github has virtually nothing:

You may have to build your dog from quarks.
Thanks for your response. I am not a se, I cant understand what you mean by dog or dogs.

You mean first I have to search for C++ libraries for EVM/Solidity?

It means, you'll probably have to build it yourself from more primitive code or libs.
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