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I am using the boost library serialization feature and i am having issues with saving my object data. When i used Visual leak detector i found multiple leaks in the save_object_data() function. I assume that it has to do with something in my class not being destroyed properly but i am not so sure. And i don't know if this is related but when leaving my program to run for an extended period of time it slows down.
Other than that all my code works.

My code:

I don't see any function named 'save_object_data' and I don't see any explicit memory allocations.
Thats because that function is declared in another file in a library. I need someone who knows specifically about boost serialization to help me on this issue.

This is a link to the documentation.
If it's a function in Boost then it's much more likely that the memory debugger is reporting a false positive. A leak report is not enough to conclude that memory leaks exist in a program.
I'm sorry I didn't look at your code, but it's not unusual for vld to report false positives often times as helios mentioned. I've experienced many scenarios where vld would report a number of memory leaks due to one of my classes being a singleton for example.
Run the offending code in as small a sample program as you can build to make it run, and then run the thing in a loop. Pop open the memory tool on your computer (task manager, for example in win) and watch its memory usage. Let it run for a couple hours. Its not 100% foolproof -- could be something different between the test program and the real code -- but Ive found and fixed a number of leaks that way.

A friend of mine once put it this way: memory leak finder programs exist to find leaks. They flag everything that meets a heuristic … and they err on the side of caution... so you get a ton of junk along with the good info.
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