Seeking a Mentor

I have been dabbling with C++ for a few months now having read a few books and finding resources over the internet, but haven't engaged in socializing with teams or having anyone to speak with about programming. If interested, my Skype name is ElevationLasts.
We have an irc group called if you would like to go there.
closed account (NUj6URfi)
It's on freenode .
Thanks, forgot to put that
Hey there, you may want to hit up a meetup in your local area if there are any available. You'll get to meet tons of like-minded individuals and mentors are easier to find in person. However you'll find a large number of strong developers here on this forum, the problem with taking on apprentice types is they tend to be a bit flaky..
I have downloaded Hexchat,but dont know how to use it...Can you guys help me?
I mean to say how to connect to the group using hexchat??
Run /server and then /join in hexchat
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