C++ advanced literature pls?

Hi all,
I'm currently doing my final year dissertation, being on wireless transmission in a client-server model. Can anyone suggest any dense literature about technical detailed c++ programming such as enabling communication between server and additional programs (such as ffmpeg), excessing USB devices (such as webcam, mic, video capture card) and the like..

Thanks in advance, any help will be much appreciated :)
SOAP or REST for web stuff. Maybe checkout gSOAP.
SDL for USB stuff, I actually used it to do object tracking with a webcam.
But I think ffmpeg has access to all the toys anyway.

There are books for these, but if you want dense literature just try the manuals.
Advanced c++ books are not comparable advanced math books.
Thanks for he relpy, I'll check them out. Do you know any related specific book titles pls?
I can only recommend general C++ books, for REST, SOAP, and SDL check amazon or gigapedia.

Modern C++ Design
C++ Common Knowledge
Effective C++
Exceptional C++
Thanks for the help turbozedd!
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