Making exe file from Visual C++ source code


I am not a C progammer & know nothing about it so sorry if my question appears to be basic. I have a problem. I use a programming language called layout which nobody here has probably ever heard of. It was discontinued over 15 years years ago but it was a very visual & easy to use piece of software - no coding required. In fact once you name all the variables on cards (forms) from then on it's just mouse clicking & occassionaly typing a number if required. It used blackboxes in a flowchart arrangement which were pre-done code for doing just about anything. i.e opening windows, handling numbers & text, files etc. I have written many programs with it including database management, quoting software & currently use it in my business to track my jobs & do invoicing & ordering. It's a pity it wasn't updated & still around today.

(if anyone is interested this is about the only info I could find on it now to give you an idea what is is like: )

Back to the problem. Being a 16 bit program it was written to run on Windows 3.1 but still works on Windows 7!! as long as it is the 32 bit version. I need to write a program that will run on 64 bit W7 without resorting to using a virtual PC solution. I have tried to find something similar that I might be able to use instead but so far nothing comes close to Layout. I just remembered today that layout can produce not only .exe programs but also various versions of C/C++ including visual c++. So I got this idea that if I could get those files I might be able to stick them into a C compiler program to re-make a "modern" exe file.

Does that sound feasable? If someone was willing I could just do a simple sample program & send the source code to them to see if it works on a 64 bit version of Windows 7. Or if someone could tell me how I can do this myself to produce a working exe file.

I dunno what else I can do. I don't want to have to learn C & have to type code in just for this 1 thing. Getting too old for that hehe...

Please help!

Thank you. :)
Just to clarify ,
Are you able to generate C/C++ based source file with the help of Layout ?
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yes.. it can output Standard C source code, Borland C++ & visual C++.
So there are certain workspace file for C++ which you can directly open with some standard editors like Microsoft Visual Studio for C++.
So can you check what kind of workspace file is there , cehck for .dsw or .sln files.
If they exist then your job becomes easy.
thanks to everyone for supporting answer.... i needed it..
There are no files like that. There is a .cpp, a few .h, .rc, .mak, .po*, a whole heap of files with just numbers as extensions & 00a,00b etc.
it sounds like my job is going to be hard then.

If you are willing I could send you the output files from a small program to see if you can do something with it?

Obviously armandoin is lost....
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