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pointer to char related
Consider code below: int i = 3; int *pi = &i; double d = 5.2; double *pd = &d; char c = 'j'; char *pc = &c; cout << pi << endl; cout << pd <<...
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Unexpected behavior 2!
Consider the code below: int total; std::cin >> total; int ary ; for(int i=0;i<total;i++) ary = i; for(int i=0;i<total;i++) std::cout...
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A linux for programming
I never used a linux OS, I am open to the idea of using it lately, what is the best linux for programming you advice? thanks
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Work around for limitation of template virtual member functions?
Hi I have a Message class which other classes inherit from. The inherited classes will need to have a serialisation member function. I would like to make these...
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checking if the inputs are valid Palindrome
How can I make this program work to determine whether these 5 palindromes are valid or not? #include <iostream> #include <string> struct Result { int...
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by dvdlly
building a multilayer perceptron
Hello, I want to implement a simple multilayer perceptron for digit recognition. I have started to read the c++ primer 5th edition book 2 days ago so I am no...
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Unexpected behavior 3!
In the following code it is clear that ptr holds an address int nbr = 3; int *ptr = &nbr; std::cout << &nbr << std::endl; std::cout << ptr << std::endl...
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Binary search of a dynamic array of strings
Hey yall, so for school I have to make a recursive word ladder program, and I wanna put a binary search in it. I have a function that checks the inputted word i...
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Is this an address?
int main() { int *ptr; std::cout << ptr << std::endl; return 0; } I know that uninitialized pointers should be avoided because the...
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Pointer Practice
Hi, I am currently experimenting with pointers and classes. Everytime my pointer reach 80% of its size, I attempt to create a expand it's capacity by 100% by u...
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by Geckoo
input parser
// here we can write directly our algorithm so as to generate a track inline char algorithm(int t) { return (~t >> 2) * ((127 & t * (7 & t >> 10)) < (245 &...
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by Ivanka
print every second leaf node from right to left
let me say that I have tree and the tree has these leaf nodes from right to left: [ 9, 4, 6,16 ,8,19, 10,8 ], I should write function to print every second lea...
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char* mystery output
for first b->readData() i get Enter Student name: Enter Student surname: Enter Student ID: but for second on i get Enter Student name: Enter Student surn...
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Valid Access
This is the code we were given and the question is , Is line 18 (return x;) a valid access and justify your answer. My question is. What is Valid / Invalid acce...
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They overloaded a struct constructor?
I was checking out the "Flare Game Engine" source code for fun, and I came across this: [line 6] class Color { public: Uint8 r, g, b, a; Color...
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#if 1 statements #else other statements
In the following preprocessor code what is the use of statements and other statements? When will the other statements be used? Please explain what is the use o...
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Questions about pointer address
Consider the code below: int nbr = 3, *ptr = &nbr; std::cout << ptr << std::endl; int *ptr2 = nullptr; std::cout << ptr2 << std::endl; My output is: 0xb...
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Weird output!
Consider the code below: int nbr = 7; string str = "Hello world"; cout << str << ' : ' << nbr << endl; I putted the string literal " : " inside th...
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Help with code
I need to change the count() so that it counts down till 0 but it should still remain a recursive function and should not be a for loop. #include <iostrea...
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printing a user input in Queues
How can we print user input variables including their ID, Name, and Pages of their document in Queue structure with an int main function? #include<iostream> ...
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