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Undefined reference to Line2D()
I've some problem getting Line3D to display. I get this "undefined reference to Line2D:: Line2D" whe...
[11 replies] Last: Its a performance hit if you are doing a LOT of things or real time gr... (by jonnin)
End threads after 30 seconds execution
Hello everyone, I want to stop the execution of some complex function after it runs for 30 second...
[2 replies] Last: If the function may take hours but must be cancelled after some time, ... (by helios)
Float pointer to int - C
Hello, Could you please tell me why y is 1086219904.000000 ? #include<stdio.h> int main(...
[5 replies] Last: c++ is more strongly typed. you just need a cast: p = (int*)&x; this ... (by jonnin)
conversion contacts in txt file
Hello. I have got file named contacts.txt. There is a text in 4 lines with information about contac...
[6 replies] Last: Problem solved. Thank you both for help. (by macgyver1991)
Error when define virtual method in C++
Hello, How can I fix it? #include<iostream> #include<string> using namespace std; cl...
[5 replies] Last: The actual error is : 48:29: error: no 'bool Undergraduate::authStu(... (by TheIdeasMan)
Beginning C++
When you first started with C++ how were you able to become fluent in the programming language?
[8 replies] Last: Ouch. (by zapshe)
Error 0133
I keep getting error 0133 that says "expected a member name" for this piece of code and I dont know ...
[6 replies] Last: This one big lines of code isnt in one file. I just made it like this ... (by Raees224)
How to create a program to output a certain length of word
I am working on a program where it is supposed to output a certain length of a word whether it is mi...
[16 replies] Last: #include <iostream> #include <fstream> #include <ctime> #include <str... (by againtry)
Variable Sized Arrays - hackerrank question
I am doing questions on hackerrank, and got to one i couldnt figure out so i had to look at the answ...
[3 replies] Last: yes. (by seeplus)
Testing atomic lock
Hello everyone, I tried to implement a mcs lock. Now I would like to test if it works and how it ...
[4 replies] Last: Ok, thank you for the explanation, I will try to keep it simple. (by qwertz88)
Calculate Total Price and Directly Insert into Database
Hi, I want to calculate total price but the variable is string. Reason why I use string is I need t...
[1 reply] : Well you store it as an int or a float, do your calculation using regu... (by salem c)
RNG Function
It's been quite a while since I last programmed but trying to get back into it so I'm sure I'm missi...
[4 replies] Last: Thank you both - My world has been stuck in Excel/VB for the past few ... (by edge6768)
Release vs Debug
Hello everyone, I have more general question. I am runnig my code in Debug and Release version in ...
[2 replies] Last: default 2019 release on a modern machine is very, very fast. Its your... (by jonnin)
Movement script
Does anymore know how to write up a movement script for a box2d C++ code. I literally have no idea h...
[2 replies] Last: No this is for something else. I'm trying to make a 2d platformer game... (by Raees224)
insert a template class issue
hello developers, I have a problem. I'have a library about RedBackTree.h. It is a template class and...
[5 replies] Last: you saved my life thank you (by gkrm123)
Learning parameters and classes. Guide me to do this question.
For this question: Write a class with three integer attributes specified as public. Using a paramete...
[7 replies] Last: Initialization and assigment of basic types, like int , is not much d... (by keskiverto)
Cannot increment with greater than condition
I have two different random values, and each time the loop iterates a value will be greater than ano...
[3 replies] Last: Whether a variable is defined inside or outside of a loop depends upon... (by seeplus)
by levo
Hello people i need help for an exercise. Im from greece so sorry if the translation is bad. A tab...
[10 replies] Last: When I did my school 'A' levels (at 18, Computer Science, double maths... (by seeplus)
Line2D Undefined Reference
I am writing a program that sorts data. Point2D and Point3D has no problem reading data and storing ...
[1 reply] : Where do you define the Point2D::Point2D() constructor? You have th... (by Ganado)
. (1,2)
in this code, I've made the code to accept only two numbers to check whether the elements in the ar...
[20 replies] Last: Depends how long you want to spend searching for 1000001 elements of s... (by lastchance)
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