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how to get what line makes error if I run program in terminal
how to get what line makes error if I run program in terminal I might know where It can be generated, but It will be helpful, if can get line number for the er...
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Please Help debug, first time serializing into file
Getting alot of bugs, first off, in my output its all 1's when it should be a mix of 1's and 0's, and second off litterally nothing is happening with my file, e...
[9 replies] Last: Maybe something like: #include <iostream> #include <string> #includ... (by seeplus)
MACRO question
Hi guys. I have question regarding macro: #define tcp_sndbuf(pcb) (TCPWND16((pcb)->snd_buf)) #define TCPWND16(x) (x) What do...
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How do I rewrite my code into classes?
So I recently started learning Object Oriented Programming, and my professor gave me some questions to work on my own. One of these questions involve creating a...
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PriorityQueue enqueue and dequeue functions
I have a trying to create a list of patients sorted by their priority of ailments that have been added by the user. I have several header files with differen...
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Adding data to linked list
I am trying to add data to a linked list. However when I go to add the data I get an error: "no suitable user-defined conversion from "std::string" to "const Ai...
[1 reply] : Line 2: You haven't shown the definition of Ailment. Presumably, it ... (by AbstractionAnon)
If statement is not being selected when condition is met
Hi, I am writing a console application that gives the user a list of options to choose from. Viewing the code below, when the option "0 - Exit" is selected my c...
[1 reply] : Line 17 is while (user_selection). A conditional statement will be co... (by Ganado)
Console Input with std::getline()
Hi, I am currently writing a program that will take in patient information that will determine the priority in queue. I am writing the console application th...
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Cannot use constant in class array declaration (1,2)
Windows 11, Visual Studio 2019, C++ In the private section of a class I want an array of a specific size using a named constant. const size_t max_length ...
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need help to find issue in the code urgent!!
Below code my TestLoop class do not work in the code. What could be wrong here? Please help me on this. #include <iostream> #include <unordered_map> #include...
[7 replies] Last: My bad, missed the header file. Realised my mistake. Thanks a lot seep... (by denver2020)
All possible combination
The problem is "You are given 3 types of coin, 10, 50 and 100. print all the possible combination that add up to 370". I thought this problem is going to be sim...
[4 replies] Last: @Minionmin, A couple of suggestions: 1. When using C library functio... (by George P)
Why a compiler can't deduce dependent names
Hello, Could someone give me a dumbed down version of why a compiler can't deduce dependent names. I kind of got the impression that: 1. The compiler can't ge...
[5 replies] Last: Dependent names are names whose meaning depends on a template paramete... (by mbozzi)
how can I copy file from folder to folder with c++
how can I copy file from folder to folder with c++ ? might be system echo smth...
[2 replies] Last: you can indeed use system to use c++ to make a more complex 'batch fil... (by jonnin)
SFINAE test: no output
I wanted to test some SFINAE but got stuck on the fact that the return statement on row 19 is not printing normal. I though I was doing something wrong but when...
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How To Exit from loop with out resrarting app
I have outer while loop and inner while loop Sometimes I Need To Exit from while loop when nessesary loop conditions is not met How can I proceed?
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Fold expression not working (beginner example)
Hi, Wondering why this fold expression does not work (args is a parameter pack): (cout << ... << (args << std::endl)); Following binary left fold...
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by Geckoo
Static Library
Noob question - sorry for that! I created a static library (.lib) with some basical functions. Creating another project (a simple console project) I added th...
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by Geckoo
Virtual function (1,2,3,4)
Hello. I have a little problem in order to understand why some functions should be virtual. I read often that a C++ virtual function is a member function in the...
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