Masking the password

Hi! I am making a program that keeps things like passwords. I wanna make a password to access this program. But i have a question:
how change password letters into '*'
thanks for help!
You must turn off character echoing when you read the user's input and, for each character input, you'll need to output an "*" instead. Of course then you need to handle specially the backspace key, left/right arrows, home/end, etc.

The actual implementation depends on your OS. For DOS getch() or getche() (I can't remember which) does the trick. For Un*x you have to turn off terminal echoing on stdin via termios settings.
You can use something like character=getch();. It will get the value of the character that you type, but it will not display it. Then you can just use conditional statements to display an "*". And as mentioned above, you need to set the backspace key, left/right arrows, home/end, etc. manually...
(I made it :-))
Sorry, I'm having the same problem, but I don't understand your answer. (I'm fairly new to C++)

My program takes your created password and saves it to a text document, but I don't want the password to be seen while it is being typed in. (*'s to replace characters.)

Could you please provide an example? I am using Windows with VC++ 2008 Express Edition.

Thanks in advance,
If you read the user's input with getch(), the characters entered are not automatically echoed to the screen. So if you use this function, then any time the user enters a character, you can cout << '*' << flush to print an asterisk instead.

However, you will have to write special code to handle keypresses such as Backspace, home/end, left/right arrows, and enter.
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