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Dear All
Can you please propose me for a compact size Integrated Development Environment for C programming for Windows?
Thank you
Code Blocks, Netbeans , Eclipse, Dev CPP.

I prefer Eclipse, I hate Dev but it's very compact.
Code Blocks is awesome too but there is a problem.
In eclipse you will have to download the compiler separately from the IDE and also netbeans but this helps for both Netbeans and Eclipse
Dev-C++ was killed about 5 years ago, and since has been constantly reanimated by people who recommend it despite the fact that its included compiler is quite old and the IDE itself doesn't support some of the more modern features that are highly useful in an IDE of that mass.

Just saying. ;)

And MS Visual Studio Express of course.
"compact size" and MSVS don't match well...
Thank you very much for your replies. Can you please let me know if these IDE come with complete online help for all of the instructions and headers with included examples?If not, where can I find such a complete online help?
Thank you
Microsoft Visual Studio is awesome! My IDE of choice, granted I work for a company which gives me a free licensed distro. :D
+1 CodeBlocks.

Ultimate++ is also excellent, especially if you intend to expand into C++.
Thank you for your help. Can you please let me know if the same complete online help exists on the web?
For a standard library header file reference, why not just use this site's documentation, or that on MSDN? The C Standard library is standard after all :P It shouldn't change too much from compiler to compiler.

The Code::Blocks manual in several languages:

Mohamed Fouad said
also netbeans

I'm pretty sure you can download Netbeans with a compiler - I did it just the other day.

However, I'm not sure Netbeans is as lightweight as Code::Blocks anyway...
Also Netbeans for C/C++ only (which does not include Java, Python or any other plugin) is lightweight.
Okay, I retract my statement. I just checked and the download for Code::Blocks with MinGW is almost identical in size to Netbeans with a C++ compiler only :)
Here are links to Netbeans itself
And here is a link to how to install the compiler debugger etc.
Is there a need for an IDE? All I use is KDE Kate and MinGW.
these aren't really IDEs, but notepad++ for windows and geany for linux. just compile it via command line.
I installed Microsoft Visual Studio. Can you please let me know how can I add a compiler to be able to run my codes?
Thank you
Visual Studio comes with a compiler. You already have it.
So why the 'Run' option is empty my case?
Have you created a project with source files yet?
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