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[Sorry @shitzukangaroo, we got off the topic...]
In other words, it's time for you to do some work, rather than asking others to do it for you!
Thank you for you advice @MikeyBoy but fyi, I don't even know how to do it that's why I'm asking fr someone to If you can't help me then its okay, if u can help then thank you. I'm studying librarianship that's why its not my thing to do the coding, and b4 I ask others here to code that problem, I have tried several times to create codes but I just can't really do it
@seeplus Thank you for helping me. U have helped me a lot. May God bless u far more abundantly than all you can even ask or think. Advance Merry Christmas!
@George P Thanks for what you said. I'm sorry if I bothered you just because I asked for help. I hope you will forgive me because I am new here and I do not know that this should be done.
You didn't bother me at all, I was simply giving you some advice that would (I hope) help you. So we can better help you in the future if you want to continue learning.

If you don't know where to start when writing code then maybe you should start at square one and spend some time reading a FREE online tutorial. There are two I recommend:

The tutorial here, though it isn't as up to date as it could be. No C++14/17/20:

One of the BEST online C++ tutorials IMO, Learn C++. It is constantly being revised and updated:

Neither tutorial will teach ALL of what C++ has to offer.

A free site that does, but isn't a tutorial, it is a reference site so it highly technical:

It covers C and C++, with lots of example code snippets to test and play around with.
I have tried several times to create codes but I just can't really do it

Not everyone is suited to be a programmer - the same as not everyone is suited to be a brain surgeon or an astronaut. Programming is not just about coding but also about design. When given a description for a program, the first thing you should do is design. How would you do it using pen/paper? What exact instructions would you give to someone else to do without them knowing anything about the problem? If you can't do these then you can't code a program - even if you know the language syntax. Then you design the program - input/output/data structures etc etc. Once you have the design then you start to code from the design. Code in small chunks and compile and test frequently. Only continue to code once what you have already compiles OK and works as expected. Once you're coded the design and tested, then you should have a working program. If you have issues coding some of the design then you can ask specific questions.

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