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what would this look like in code?

A carefully considered and crafted set of letters and symbols that conforms to the requirements of a C++ standard such that when provided to a standard complying C++ compiler produces as output that when executed performs the required purpose.

What is the c++ question? What are you having difficulty with? What have you attempted so far? Have you produced a program design? Do you know what algorithm is required?

@salaman125 is just one of a group (or possibly the same troll) who are dumping random programming questions in the forum at the moment.
it would look like 2 or 3 lines of code that wrap the existing c++ that already does all that stuff into something that satisfies the requirement to reinvent the wheel.
Heh, lastchance gets reported for accurately calling out the troll.
This has been on my mind for a while... It would take the main group (the 20 or so of us that post frequently) to work it out and agree to do our best not to respond to the junk.

but I think I am done answering questions for first time posters who lack code and a coherent question.

I tried quoting them every time because delete the question problem, but the trolling is just too high lately. Its so bad that about 1 new poster per month seems like an honest, real person with a real question. the other 50 will be leeches (want someone to do it for them) or bots (traffic gen) or moronity (how do you connect to a database in python?).
I like to help people, even if its the same 10 things over and over, but I have finally reached that point.
I have a faint suspicion @lastchance is coping with the pink slip with strength, courage and tenacity.
@jonnin i am a real person who needs real help with my questions. I am new to c++ and need all the help i can get! lol
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