Cross-platform text-mode apps

I want to write these. I am currently using Linux, and run my test code through the terminal. I've written functions to control cursor location, color, and UTF-8 special characters through ANSI codes. I can draw box frames and fill areas, etc. Plans to add the ability to draw lines and circles, and perhaps store drawn items into an array of objects that can be manipulated and redrawn as needed.

1. I'm not sure how to make my app cross-platform, where it can work in both Linux terminal, and Windows CLI.
2. Is there a way to force the CLI/terminal to a specific size in a global manner?
3. Are there any good libraries that already do all this and make it simple?
notcurses maybe? There's been an announcement for Windows support, but I don't know how well it works.
Thank you, kbw.
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