How do I make a line?

How do I make a line?
I cannot wrap my head around the "setfill()" function.

I just want to make one line, not fill the whole output with '_'

  cout <<  setfill('_') << setw(40) << endl;
  cout << setw(20) << "Name" << setw(10) << "Car" << setw(10) << "Salary" << endl; 
Hello Fayezilla,

To use "setfill" you started out correctly, but did not finish.
 cout <<  setfill('_') << setw(40) << '_' << '\n';

"setfill" changes the fill character, but you have to follow the "setw" with at least 1 character so the rest of the block can be filled.

An alternative I like is the fill ctor of "std::string: std::cout << std::string(40, '_') << '\n';

You need to set the fill character back to a space afterwards:

cout << setfill('_') << setw(40) << "" << setfill(' ') << '\n';

Thank you!

All I could find online was crazy functions or graphics to create lines
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