Finding an element in a vector of objects

Hi guys!
I'm writing a program to create a simple database in C++.
This program compiles, but it doesn't print any data. I think the problem is in the input files, or the find_brigadier function.
Lots of thanks to all who reed this. As I mentioned before, the problem was in the input files. It works correctly only if you write Name_Surname or NameSurname instead of Name Surname in the inpute files.
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crueltyfree wrote:
This program compiles,

No it doesn't:
 In function 'int main()':
119:6: error: 'personname' was not declared in this scope
120:15: error: 'brigadiers' was not declared in this scope

Your main() says this
int main(){
for(int i=0;i<brigadiers.size();i++){

There is no brigadiers container to find anything of an unspecified entity in!
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No, it compiles)
I've forgotten to give you some very important parts of the program, but now I have shared the link.
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