Need help with a creation of student diary in C++

Hello, I'm struggling and desperately need a help with the following task. I don't have any idea at all of how to make the following program in C++. Could you please help me?
The following is the program that I need to write in C++:

Create a student diary

1. For each student there should be given First name, Last name, Book number (Index number, as a string), points for regularity (0 or 5), points gained from the first colloquium (0-30), points gained from the second colloquium (0-30), points for project tasks (0-35).

2. The program should be tested with data for 10 students, with all the generals, which will be filled in a file. The file in the assignment should be named after the student who executes the task, without exception, for example: AT234.AnnaWatson.

3. The diary should provide options for: input, printout, calculation for total number of points, sorting by number of points, delete student, search by Index number, First name or Last name.
For points from 50 to 60 grade 6, 61 to 70: 7, 71 to 80: 8, 81 to 90: 9 and over 91 points grade 10. Below 50 points there should be written "-" instead of a regular grade.

4. Work with pointers and memory allocation.
Hello Cataclysm,

You have enough there to get started.

Start with #1. Pick it apart and determine your data structure. It would probably be best to put this information in a struct. Pick meaningful variables like "firstName" not "fn". You will also need to decide what is the best type for each variable Although it looks like "Book number" should be a string.

Work on #1 first then when you get to #2 start by reading from the file. Do not worry if it does not work the first time that is when you post your code and a sample of the file that you are using, so that everyone can use the same information.

Work in small steps. Compile often and try to fix any errors. Post the complete error message of anything that you do not understand.

You also need to mention what IDE you are using and the operating system you are using. This may seem trivial, but it is very helpful.

Once you have the program reading the file and filling 1 data structure then you can move on to reading the whole file.

When you have the above done the rest will not seem as hard.

If you try to work on everything at 1 time you may never get done while trying to fix everything at 1 time.

In addition, once you have code to read from the file, create a function to display it. Then you know before moving on that you are reading the file OK.

Note point 4 - so that a vector or fixed size array can't be used.

I'd also advise to first design the program - starting with the data structure. Once you have the design, then start coding in small, testable steps.
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