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hay guys, im looking for people who r novoices to programming or c++ itself. We could work together on route to becoming novoice game programers, and make a samll game, for a start, grantit some time. I think we all know it wont be easy, it could take us about 2-3 years, but constant communication between us can hold it all together. if ur interested just contact me on my email Happy Programming!

For some odd reason I can't get on my mail, here on vacation, but I am actually interested. To make a game right away isnt a good idea i think but we could just keep in touch and see how we both progress :)
How far are you with c++?
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i'd be interested. Been programming for about 2 months now. Got most of the basic basics down ya know.
While I wouldn't be interested in joining such a group, I'd be interested in listening in on conversations and steering you away from potentially harmful decisions.

If you have an IRC channel or something I wouldn't mind joining and idling.
bonez025, send me an email, i dont have any other way o contact u
I could join as a part time coder. We should have an online workspace.
might be gone for the next two days so might not be able to reply.
I could help. I've been part of something similar to this before. It ended up with only 2 people, a professional game developer and I, working on it though. Everyone else didn't know where to start or thought we were going to do something bigger. Do you have any sort of direction you want to move in?
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I still say you guys should get an IRC channel and just post it in here.

It's much easier to coordinate with multiple people in live chat. Especially if you're all in the same time part of the world.
Hmmmm.... I think this is a good idea, but you guys should have some people monitoring that have a fair amount of experience to make sure you don't get off on the wrong foot on anything.. I almost feel like starting a weekly chat that lasts say maybe an hour, and have 20 - 30 inexperienced programmers, and 5 experienced programmers. In which you would have general discussion, but also help each other with problems, and even start side project, and possibly every week there could be a challenge, one of the experienced programmers could team up with a certain amount of inexperienced, and I think it would be a great learning experience for everyone... And I'm also sorry if some of this doesnt make sense I'm just out of football practice and well... Not thinking straight
its great to see loads of replys, and codyshort, that seems like a good idea, and yea, i got someone whos currently studying in one of those game programming universities
guys, i cant contact u with ur emails lol
without i mean
I think we could also communicate over MSN? I don't know how IRC works :p
I don't know how IRC works :p

Then you should change that. IRC is by far the greatest method of communicating over the internet.
There's not much to know anyway, just install XChat or a different client.

Edit: also, you should set realistic goals. Planning 2-3 years of development time is pretty much equivalent to dooming the project before it has even started and it certainly wouldn't be a "small" game. One month is more realistic. You can accomplish a lot in one month and it's short enough so that no team members will "stray away" from the project.
At the end of the month one can still decide to expand the game further if it seems promising. If not, you can start the next project.
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I'm not sure it's really the best... :p
Thinking of TeamSpeak, Skype, Xfire etc
If you're not sure, I'll gladly lend you some of my conviction that it is the best method. There's enough for two.
i cant download teamspeak or skype, cause its band here for some reason, lets just stick to good old msn
Awesome idea! I'm very interested in joining;)
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