Browser in C ++ (UTF 8) -> Multibyte

I would like to program a browser with C ++. For this I use the HTTP client of Indy as engine. I already have a parser, "libhtmlparse.h" in the header.

1. How do I address the parser in the program?
2. How can I display the website afterwards?

Next I write a program in which I select a website ( The program is set to multi-byte, the website is in UTF8.

If there are umlauts in the website source code, they will be destroyed.

How can I convert the UTF8 source code into multi-byte so that the umlauts are displayed correctly (preferably without an external library)?
Actually UTF-8 is multi-byte. How do you want to display them?
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MultiByteToWideChar utf-8 to utf-16
WideCharToMultiByte to MSBC probably using CP_APC
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