What C++ software to buy?

Hi everybody, I want to order the following book "C++ Programming: From Problem Analysis to Program Design (Author D.S.Malik)" from Amazon.com to learn C++ programming.

Therefore, I need to purchase a C++ software so that I can do all the book programming excersies at home. I have a Laptop with Windows 7 at home. I usualy buy all my stuff from Amazon, but I don't know which C++ software should I buy. Please help me. Thank you.
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If you still want to buy a C++ compiler, even though the ones on that list will do just fine, I recommend the Intel Compiler. Don't know how much it costs, though.
You mean the compiler used by Intel?
Where would you even get that?
No, I mean the compiler developed by Intel.
Oh. Still, where would you get it?
Just as a word of advice: stuff from Malik is not very good (IMO). Questions exhibiting really dumb mistakes often have his name in them (IME).

Here are a couple of relatively recent topics on good C++ books, in Google order:

It is also not too difficult to search for good, free compilers. Here again is a relevant thread:

Hope this helps.
Microsoft Visual C++ Express / Code::Blocks with Mingw Compiler
both are good and free ^^

there are also other versions of visual c++ not for free like professional edition, but i suggest start with free.
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