Looking for an old DirectX prgrammer

I know this is totally mad.

I'm part of a group which is trying to keep, what is the best Flight Sim, from 1998 going.

Because of it's age we are using DirectX5, but there are a number of basic things like a shader, and Z-Buffer, we would like to use, but we have nobody who knows DirectX.

Our DirectX does not even support AGP, and runs at about 30fps in D3D, as apposed to 60+ in Glide3, using an wrapper.

Last year I was lucky enough to find a guy who updated the Glide code to G3, which enabled full 24bit colour.

Is there anyone out there who could help us out?

We have the full source for the game, and we do everything for the fun of it, so we can only afford $0.00! :D
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If that's the case, you should be posting it in the Job section.
I didn't think anyone would take a job that paid nothing! I'll see if there are any Dx6 coders around here, as this is a hobby job, bot a real one. Although I suppose it might look good on a CV.
I didn't think anyone would take a job that paid nothing!

Feel free to ignore the local troll.
Well, I'm an optimistic sort of person, and firmly believe someone will take pity on us and help to update our Dx. We know our game code quite well, hand we have made hundreds of game improvements, but the actual game engine code, and Dx are well beyond us.

The game we are working on is EAW Flight Sim, 1998, by Microprose, which started life as Fleet Defender, 1994, and then 1942 Pacific Air Wars, 1996.

We started modding the game in 1999, and have kept it running even under Win10, but with all the OS and hardware changes the EAW Game Engine is a bit like a 600cc engine in a Dragster! Just too slow, because it's not able to use modern hardware, or Dx properly. In short, we need a tuneup.

With our old 'C' code and Dx5, we need an old school coder to help us get the engine going smoothly.

Fingers crossed there is a good hearted soul out there.
As a good hearted, Old, dx programmer I'd like to help but having just updated to a new system I'm still sorting out a dev environment for DX9 coding again.

If you have a Glide wrapper it shouldn't be too problematic to get something ported to DX9 say, just textures to load and polys to draw I assume? or does glide have some clever mesh features etc..? Shaders are beyond my math knowledge though but I know how to use them in DX9.

PM me if you want though, I could, with time take a look and see if I can help out.

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