The best C++ programming books for beginners

I've recently started studying C++. Could anyone recommend some good C++ books for beginners?
I have Stroustrup's "Programming Principles and Practice Using C++", "The C++ Programming Language" and Deitel's "How To Program in C++" 5th edition.
Which of these books is the best to begin with. Are there any better options that you could recommend for learning C++ efficiently and fast?
What other methods would you recommend (using on-line tutorials or so)?
I am an engineer, but don't have any programming background.
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Which of these books is the best to begin with.

"Programming Principles and Practice Using C++"
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Stroustrup's Programming Language is quite high level. Grey Wolf's suggestion is good.
Being a great scientist or programmer doesn't yet imply being also a great teacher or writer. What do you think about this?
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If you had not already got the book I would have suggested it.

Writing style is personal taste, I don't have a problem with Stroustrup's style.
Thank you, Grey Wolf.
Actually I've already started this book. I was just thinking about if it was the best choice for me.
Thanks for your advice.
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