Using graphics.h with VS 2013

Hi all, I'm trying to use the graphics.h library (which is know is long out of date) for some exercises I found online. I'm trying to install/ incorporate it into my IDE which is Visual Studio 2013 Community Edition. I have searched and, searched and, searched but all I've found is how to use it mainly with Dev C or Code Blocks. Now I will install either one of those as a last resort but I'm sure there has to be a way....

I found a video on YouTube of a really cool Turkish developer who kinda did it but I couldn't understand what he was saying. I followed his instructions and it worked..... to an extent but I can't use it for my own tutorials.

Thanks In Advance

Do you mean the WinBGI library by chance?
You can download the source the try to compile it with Visual Studio.
WinBGIm is not designed to work with MSVC.

Instead, you should check out OpenBGI

If you are stuck on WinBGIm, here are some instructions for older versions of MSVS. One of them may work, or at least get you on the right track to make it work for you.

Good luck!
Hi Duoas,

Thanks for the tip I was actually looking at openbgi after I posted the question, it looks like a definite option. In regards to the WinBGIm I was a little worried and very confused because the instructions are for codeblocks..... Do you think if I follow those instructions for MSVC it may work ???
Also can somebody explain/clarify a bit what the author of means by:

"in order to create a graphics program in Visual Studio. You should now change the name of this directory to a name for your own project"

"file from the directory that you created for your project. You may add other files to this project (right click in the Solution Explorer window and choose Add)"

What I am confused about with those statements are where the person talks about directory. Which directory do I add the files I download from the colorado website to for MSVC to recognise graphics.h as a library I can use.

Thanks Again
You may put the files in any directory you want. Just add them to the project. To add them drag and drop works also (either the whole directory or single files).
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