Book(s) vs Internet

Should I buy a book or should I download an e-book or should I watch videos (ex. TheNewBoston)?

Extra question:
I would like to be an game developer. 3-D is cool but I have heard that it's hard, so what kind of games should I make now in the beginning?
I personally would go with books, you can learn at your own speed and they are relatively cheap. Videos usually skip over very important things in c++ and e-books may not be at your learning speed (fast slow).
Keep in mind that you can never lose a youtube video if you book mark it, but you can easily lose a book.

Try basic games like pong and tick tack toe and move a level up every game you make, until you find the level you want to be.

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Thanks, but I don't really know how to make graphics. Is there a book for that too?
Maybe but I usually just read online articles/tutorials, you should have (2D mostly) and widows visual studio 2015 (3D mostly). I cant help you make a game because I just started cpp june of this year but I have a link that might help.
There are several really good c++ books, which in my opinion are always better than the internet tutorials, I think there's a recommendation thing somewhere on this website, can't remember where, maybe FAQs, and there are various multimedia/graphics c++ game programming books out there. I'd recommend the sfml books and I'd advise against visual studio if you are just starting in favour of codeblocks, which in my opinion is much more user friendly, and complies a lot more with standard c++, so is better for learning.
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Sign up on because they have lectures videos on C++ and more languages FOR FREE and you can learn at your own pace. I honestly have a hard time learning with books, I used and tutorial sections on here to learn.
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