generating random values

hello guys

it's been a long time, i have a problem, i need to generate random values, but these values need to be coordinates (x,y) i would like to hear ideas about how to do it?

Thanks a lot for any suggestion
Use rand().
rand() % number
number is the max number you want
Thanks for your answers but i think it is my fault not being more precisly!!!!

this is my problem

I generate a two dimension array static and then create ramdonly number but when i try to do the same thing using a dinamic array i got problems.. this is what i got

int Number_nodes;
int dimension;
int max_distance;
int* nodes;
int i,j;

printf("Please enter the number of nodes, dimension and maximum distance. ");
scanf("%d %d %d",&Number_nodes, &dimension, &max_distance);
nodes= (int *)malloc(sizeof(int)*Number_nodes);
nodes[j]=(int *)malloc(sizeof(int)*Number_nodes);

nodes[i][j]=rand() % dimension;;
printf("File: %d Columm: %d %d\n",i,j,nodes[i][j]);

Thanks beforehand for your help!!!!
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use srand() to seed your random.
also, use code brackets so that

int main()

int main()

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