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by Contim
Logical Errors in Loop Structures
Hi I'm 5 weeks into my first computer science course and I'm having difficulty understanding how the...
[1 reply] : > while (!sum > t) Yeah, be careful of operator precedence here. !sum ... (by salem c)
Hi guys, so I'm studying time complexities of algorithms, I'm having some confusion with logarith...
[11 replies] Last: very true thanks Jonnin :) (by adam2016)
Help with logic in game..
I have a map Texture loaded and drawed, what is the best way to place the pacman sprite animation in...
[3 replies] Last: another suggestion to use rails with nodes that the sprite is followin... (by ronenp88)
Find Max & min value of input stream without arrays and vectors
Dear programmers, I need to find Max & min value of input stream without arrays and vectors
[1 reply] : Easy peasy, store the first value retrieved as both min and max. Comp... (by Furry Guy)
Loop for fraction matrix
Hey. How do I modify these codes: void generateMatrix(vector <vector<double> > &m){ co...
[6 replies] Last: You can port leeMatriz and escribeMatriz if you create << and >> opera... (by dhayden)
What shoule be written in program in launch.json?
I would like to debug in visual code. but I don't know what to write in program of launch.json prope...
[2 replies] Last: Thank you so much for your reply! I have figured out how to construct ... (by Leen0093)
by Chad9
even numbers
Write a program that calculates the product of even natural numbers in a given range [n1, n2] - n1 a...
[2 replies] Last: First let's figure out how to get and printout all the even numbers be... (by Furry Guy)
help me with program logic
From a rectangular sheet of paper tartan (N rows, M columns) have removed some of the cells. How man...
[11 replies] Last: I like that input format. For the OP, here is the result I get: . . .... (by dhayden)
Reducing the size and increasing efficiency of a huge block of code
So I am currently really confused. I have this HUGE block of code for the game Blackjack and have a ...
[2 replies] Last: agree, do over. also figure out what you need. you need the ability ... (by jonnin)
Game of Life, Determining Next Gen Help / Question (1,2)
I am currently working on a Game of Life Program for my C++ class and had a bit of an issue, I am tr...
[22 replies] Last: Have a good nights sleep I appreciate you! (by Depressed)
ascii /unicode
how do i insert ascii characters to the code :) . cout << "***********************************...
[8 replies] Last: thank you everyone it was very helpful :) (by GOdliike123)
File won't open
I'm making a code that takes a file with a list of heights, first and last names of people and then ...
[2 replies] Last: Hello raisetheroof00, Looking at the whole program. include <iostr... (by Handy Andy)
execute another program from a... program
Let's say a I have a compiled a code in linux and the result is a.out. Can i write some code that at...
[1 reply] : This will have the information you likely are looking for: https://st... (by zapshe)
how fix this error
i want send a class to a function class cars{ protected: string a_marke,a_modelis; int va...
[6 replies] Last: thanks for help (by kryganas)
Tmemo problem
Hi I have a program, where i want to write "notes" into a TMemo field, to show the status of subr...
[4 replies] Last: THX.... Works, if i do it like this... :) void xx(); TMemo->Lines->B... (by PAS2020)
Not showing maximum or minimum
Hello all, I am doing a tiger eating problem in which I put the amount of food over 7 days for 3 tig...
[7 replies] Last: The error is that you need to actually read the return value from the ... (by MikeyBoy)
Game of Life NeighborCount help
I am quite stuck on trying to figure out how to write my code for counting neighbors in this Game of...
[2 replies] Last: I could not think of how to begin the code, I had a general idea of ho... (by Depressed)
Why do I get memory violations from passing an array by reference to a function to input data using pointers?
Hello, I have written a function to accept user input of elements for a size of array, defined b...
[5 replies] Last: While that is true, x was already a pointer before being passed to a... (by Ganado)
by ytrewQ
getline error
Hi, I'm writing a program that allows me to read a text. Now it doesn't do any of this because I'm ...
[9 replies] Last: Check if your file is being opened correctly. std::ifstream in(take... (by Ganado)
Is there an alternative way to calculate Standard Deviation using pointers?
Hello, I have written the following code to dynamically allocate some elements to a dynamic array...
[1 reply] : If you can use std:vectors instead of dynamic arrays. Less overhead... (by Furry Guy)
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