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Template Node class destructors
With regards to a template Node class for a linear linked list, will the list objects dtor (explicit...
[1 reply] : Showing the actual classes and data members you're talking about would... (by Ganado)
by kmce
functions and inheritance
I havent coded this yet so I dont have anything to show, I am trying to figure out how it would work...
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Interface will not acknowledge other files.
I've recently been working on a lab based on templates and using lists, and have been having specifi...
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by hbcpp
Why exactly should I prefer std::chrono over ctime for time and date?
I have been using the <ctime > header for quite some time now and it's been serving me well, no com...
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function to decrypted password
Hi! I need to improve this code to insert the "0" before and after vowels with utilizinfg of string...
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hash tables (the program crashes)
I just started to learn about hash tables.I have to write a program which displays and list a hash t...
[7 replies] Last: So I replaced strlen(p->key) with strlen(key) and now it's working.Tha... (by valiciousx)
by Slyde
A couple of C++ related questions
Hi Forum: I've been programming since '83. Just personal stuff, really. At one time, I knew more th...
[10 replies] Last: [quote=Slyde]I'd read horror stories abt pointers C++ took the idea ... (by Furry Guy)
kattis ICPC tutorial c++
so i'm working on the kattis problem ICPC tutorial for my cs3 class but since everythings online now...
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by Domas
Need help with c++, i am stuck
Hi guys I really need help because im beginner and i tried to search for the solution and nothing sh...
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Help With Classes
Hello, I have an assignment that I am struggling with and could use help. Here are the instruction...
[1 reply] : StudentTestScores student1("Mike", 2); //... StudentTestScores studen... (by ne555)
by ZZEZ73
I can't make it so that I can input data
I need to make a program so that i input 2 numbers then on the next line I input a line of number th...
[12 replies] Last: > What I should have done is int getPairsCount(int arr{], const int su... (by ne555)
Binary Tree
The code isn't reading in my numbers from the infile. It reads two and stops. Can someone help me fi...
[19 replies] Last: I've come up with this, with a little help from the internet. TreeNo... (by CodeNovice01)
by ZZEZ73
How should I tackle this problem
I was given a problem and I can't seem figure out how I should be tackling the Problem I would appre...
[9 replies] Last: @lastchance thank you so much that example of 1 cut: A.....A | B....... (by ZZEZ73)
txt file to struct, or struct to txt file?
Having issues. I have the below code. I am to prompt the user for 3 file names and then push the d...
[6 replies] Last: Hello spelledwrong, My bad, sorry. It was not until I tried to compi... (by Handy Andy)
by kmce
Switch statement question
Hi, I am having an issue with a switch statement i was hoping someone could maybe help out with. The...
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How can I learn C++ quick?
Is there any quick means I could probably learn C++ faster? I have been stuck into this for a very ...
[1 reply] : I'm not sure what you mean. The only limiting factors are: • your o... (by Duthomhas)
URGENT!!! Write a program to input a sentence, one word at a time, terminated by one of these three characters: . ! ? etc
I have a question. But I don't know how to do all of it. I got this so far. I dont know how to make ...
[16 replies] Last: Ok buddy. I put Urgent in front of two of them not the third dumdum. (by dumdumFlame)
by toplel
Implementing functions to read text file
Hi guys, i'm new at C++ and i'm currently learning how to integrate functions to read consecutive in...
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read .txt file into vector of objects
Basically this is a movie class assignment. Theres 2 parts, part 1 is read a file of movies (ordered...
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Smart pointers(shared_ptr)
Hi guys, i try to learn how to use smart pointers. I use for the long time normal pointers and i thi...
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