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  • C++ Language: Learn this versatile and powerful programming language. Includes detailed explanations of pointers, functions, classes and templates, among others...
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    Description of the most important classes, functions and objects of the Standard Language Library, with descriptive fully-functional short programs as examples.
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    C++ Questions (1,2,3,...,7,8,9,10)   [Beginners]
    1) Why does "&myChar " act differently in 2 different contexts? [code] char* pointer = &myChar[0]; //ALSO WORKS!!! [/code] Above, it actually return th...
    [188 replies] Last: Those look like cave paintings[/quote] Carve them into a wall of a c... (by seeplus)
    What windows/gui library?   [Lounge]
    What windows/gui library would you fellas recommend for someone starting out as their first entry? I know some SDL, but I am curious what you would have recomme...
    [12 replies] Last: Win32 is deprecated[/quote] No. It's the base for Windows! it's just... (by seeplus)
    by PacR
    Read nested structures from file.   [General C++ Programming]
    Hi guyz im having trouble reading structures from text file containing: // this is example.txt structname1{ hp 50 mp 10 structname2{ ...
    [18 replies] Last: I guess if we’re not gonna accept advice on how to NOT do things WRON... (by Duthomhas)
    How to find the Type of a struct that is passed as an argument and the template arguments for a lambda function?   [General C++ Programming]
    The question I have pertains to the type of the structs that are passed as a function argument into this function template<class Arg> Result operator()(A...
    [5 replies] Last: thanks for all the help (by lostwithcpp)
    Guidelines are not rules   [Lounge]
    See: https://arne-mertz.de/2024/03/core-guidelines-are-not-rules/
    [9 replies] Last: There were rules?[/quote] "There are rules, and then there are [b]rul... (by George P)
    by cn00by
    "large" project, crashes, variable "overlap", gdb   [General C++ Programming]
    hello, i searching for days for an Segmentation fault. What i ve done: i try: - valgrind - gdb - comment the most c++ code out my problem, if i comme...
    [1 reply] : The code that you have posted does not contain any header files. If t... (by Peter87)
    by Cplusc
    C1090 error   [General C++ Programming]
    I am getting the following annoying and frustrating error which appeared suddenly out of nowhere. the code was working just fine and I don't know what happened....
    [18 replies] Last: Amen brother! (by Duthomhas)
    how can I generalize a structure using templates?   [General C++ Programming]
    Hi, This is something I don't want to write for each table in a database and am sure templates would be excellent for this kind of work.. but how? struct Pa...
    [5 replies] Last: used templates! (by JUANDENT)
    Linux XZ Utils hacked   [Lounge]
    How one volunteer stopped a backdoor from exposing Linux systems worldwide https://www.theverge.com/2024/4/2/24119342/xz-utils-linux-backdoor-attempt This ...
    [4 replies] Last: I thought the attack only targeted some of the enterprise-type server... (by keskiverto)
    by Ganado
    One thing I don't like about references in C++...   [Lounge]
    Let's say I'm searching through a codebase for "fooVar", because I want to see all the places that the fooVar variable gets set. I get line-item results like: ...
    [11 replies] Last: Another thing I find myself using macros for more and more often is th... (by Duthomhas)