print hash data according to inserted data sequences

By using perl programming, how to print out this hash data using loops and according to the hash data's sequences?


my %restaurant_menu = (
'Menu' => 'Price (RM)',
'Pizza' => 'RM12.00',
'Coca Cola' => 'RM3.00',
'Spaghetti' => 'RM10.00',
'Nugget' => 'RM7.50'

i tried this but i cannot get the output.

my @menus = keys %restaurant_menu;
my @prices = values %restaurant_menu;
my $count;

for(count=0;count<6;count++) {
"print "$menus[$count] => $prices[$count]\n";
Asking a perl question in a C++ forum may not yield good results.
Maybe your for loop variables need a $

Not to mention that there are only 5 things in your hash, and your loop is 6.
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