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My rate is US$50 per hour.
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Certain input value causing crash
[code] for (n = 2; m += 2, n < k; p[n] = m, n++, l = 1) for (o = 3; o * o <= m; (m % o == 0 ? ...

UDP Socket recvfrom fails to receive packet in non-block mode, but when off it works perfectly
Presumably by going for non-blocking, you have in mind something else to do if there is no immediate...

Code not going off of user input
Please edit your post for readability.

Windows source I found won't compile
Option 1 - take these 3 lines out [code] #ifndef UNICODE #define UNICODE #endif [/code] And change ...

Passing an object's' method into a method of another object?
I would ditch the Data class and go with something like [tt]vector<student> school;[/tt]