Object Detection

This is a general question regarding image processing and object detection. I did a Google search for an answer but did not delve deep into the results since I wanted a binary answer.

Can the SIFT or SURF algorithm be implemented without OpenCV or is it solely dependent on it? I believe it is possible but I wanted an answer from someone who has deeper understanding and knowledge on the topic.

Thanks in advance for any replies.
Nothing depends on anything - if you have sufficient time and skill to make things for yourself.

If it would take you a week using OpenCV, or 6 months having to craft something for yourself, which would you choose?

It's just a library. It might be complicated and full of some serious maths, but it isn't magic.
Thank you for the reply. I understand that OpenCV makes life much easier but for the project I am doing I am not allowed to use OpenCV. Strictly Nvidia CUDA C and traditional image processing methods.

I will look into other algorithms since the period required to implement this algorithm is beyond the time I have remaining.

Could you give me any advice on algorithms I could use which uses traditional image processing methods to implement object detection?

I am currently using Mathematical Morphology but I am having some issues since it doesn't grab the whole image but parts of it when the background has edge information.

Thanks in advance for any replies.
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