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access non static member function
[quote=dutch] using func_t = void(Base::*)() const; [/quote] What is this declaring? It looks like ...

ELI5: How do programs from client PCs receive updates?
Some GUI applications give users the option to "Check for Updates". I want to set up that kind of fe...

Crazy Pet Store Program
This sounds like a modeling problem since it doesn't look like you're given any code to begin with. ...

Using Merge Sort With Struct Array
Compiler complains: [quote]In function 'void merge_sort(divide_and_conq_dt*, int, int)': 42:67: erro...

Using Merge Sort With Struct Array
[quote=skinny2741]Help me.[/quote] It's 6:52 AM as I'm typing, there's snow outside, and I'm having...