VS2019 VC++ Windows Form Application

In VS 2019 CE using VC++ I see a Windows Desktop Application which I try.
I do get a new Windows Forms application with an empty form.
So the build works.
So next, I’ll propagate the form by adding a Label to the form.
I expect to see a Designer view and a toolbox.
But I don’t. What am I missing ?

Have you added the MFC functionality in VS? This is done from the setup program. Add/remove features.
I got my WinForm Application to work on VS2019 by adding the “Extension”, “C++/CLR Windows Forms for Visual Studio 2019”. Click “Extensions” at the top of the Visual Studio screen, then click Manage Extensions from the dropdown, then enter “C++/CLR” in the search line at the top right.

This gives you all of the features of VS2008 WinForm. Except that it only allows a single form for each project. Once you create the application, right clicking the existing WinForm app, clicking Add, then New Item, the list DOES NOT include “UI” so you can’t add a sub-form!

I found a work around by creating a second app and executing one form from the other. Then using powershell, which is part of Windows 10, to hide the command prompt for the second form.
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