software archetecture for c++ project?

What are the best software archetecture for c++ related projects based on cmake? For example in .net their were onion archetecture, mvc etc. But in c++ i couldn't find any. Can someone show me some hints?
According to Stroustrup, C++ supports Onion Architecture:
Stroustrup wrote:
The onion principle is that you can do things very simply, but you can't do everything. So you peel one layer of the onion, and you still can't do everything, so you peel another layer of the onion, and you cry more and more as you get closer. This is not the only place you do this in C++.
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Most other language environments impose some kind of structure/method on you.

The only imposition C++ makes is that your code can be broken into functions and/or objects/methods. This is both a strength and a weakness.

The strength is you can pretty much implement anything efficiently.

The weakness? The idea is you use libraries that implement your framework, way of doing stuff, ... whatever you want to call it, and there isn't a good selection of C++ libraries around. So often, these missing libraries have to be written by the project. These home brewed libraries are often not shared with the wider community, generic, or incomplete.
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