How to print log in OpenSSL source

I need to extract big number related implementations from OpenSSL source for some resource limited applications. I got some issues from the extracted bignum codes and need to print logs in OpenSSL source as comparison to debug why the extracted code got errors.

I tried using printf(), but it only valid for OpenSSL regression test related code, not for the kernel code which will be compiled to libcrypto.a.

I'm wondering if the Makefile which prevent the stdout/stderr/stdin to print log in libcrypto.a?

BTW, I use openssl-1.1.1g/test/bntest to trigger logs i added to OpenSSL source.
The issue fixed.

When I run openssl-1.1.1g/test/bntest, it link the (system's) libcrypto.a installed, not the one I compiled in openssl-1.1.1g/libcrypto.a which I add printf().
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