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So, quick Q. How would I use Pixel Art in Visual Studio 2019? I would just want to do a few Animations and maybe a short game, but it is currently beyond my knowledge (If this is in the wrong section tell me!).
tell us more. is pixel art a library for windows? Does it come with examples?
I'd put this in the Lounge if I were you, it seems more like a Lounge-related topic than a General Programming topic.
If you're focus is Gamedev I would recommend you look up a framework such as SFML or Raylib. These frameworks allow you to load textures, handle input, create a window, etc...

SFML is a little bit easier to add to your project than Raylib. However, raylib I think might be easier to use in the long run since it's purpose is to be more beginner friendly.

There's also SDL2 but I think that for a beginner might be a little tough, I started out using SDL2 and it was hard but ultimately I did learn a lot from it regardless...
Panda, your question is fine here, it's just that the answer is a lot broader than you might expect.
- The actual pixel art, you would make that in some art application like Photoshop, GIMP, etc.
- You need a windowing system that can render something to the screen, and handles user mouse/keyboard input.
- You need a graphics library that can actually draw the pixel art to the screen, and update each frame of your animation/game.

I am not familiar with Raylib, but I can agree with Brian that SFML is pretty easy to set up for a beginner, and uses a clean object-oriented design. SFML handles the latter two parts I mentioned; you still of course need some way to make that pixel art in the first place, so an artistic flair is required as well.
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