Is, there a way to re-compile memory position only.

Is there an way to re-compile an game exe?

For example, I want to re-compile a position in memory instead of needing to patch it through an hex editor?
Any, ways of doing this??
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Do you have the source code?
If you have the source code then you shouldn't need to patch anything, you can just recompile the executable and you're done.
If you don't have the source code then there's nothing for you to compile. You have to patch-in machine code. You don't have any other choice.
with the source code, yes. Without it, no.

you can also disassemble it and reassemble it, but this is likely more work than the editor, both in making the change and getting it to work again after.
alright, thanks for the help
Most games use a save file to store and retrieve a game state. Edit the game save and you'll have a patched game you can load and reload from the save point.
What does savegame hacking have to do with patching an executable?
Not much, other than it is an alternate way of getting a hack done.
It depends on what you're trying to do.
Overall, what does the "position" mean?
(re-compile) a position in memory
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