Advanced C++ Resources/Tutorials

So, I got the basics down, (cout, cin, functions, while loops, do while loops, for loops, classes, arrays, etc) and now I want to continue my C++ journey, but I'm not exactly sure where to continue...
Could any of you coding veterans give me some resources/tutorials?
Any help would be appreciated.
The tutorial here:

It is a bit outdated it hasn't been updated since C++14.

Learn C++:

This tutorial does get frequent updates.

FYI, neither gives the full C++ "story," it is the Reader's Digest for beginners.

The Full Meal Deal can be found at:

This is a reference site for C & C++. It is not a site for beginners, though there are lots of examples strewn throughout the pages. Very technical examples.

All 3 links are FREE.
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Learn more about best practices in C++.
This link gives the Annotations as a.pdf

Nice resource. Hadn't come across it before.
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Just took a look at Learn C++ ( It's really good for beginners, I'm impressed.
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