C++ - dynamic array and difference between [] and ()


What are the differences between [] and () when we want to create a dynamic array?

It seems ptr1 assigns first element 20.

	int* ptr = new int(20);
	int* ptr2 = new int[20];
yes. 1 is ONE integer with a VALUE of 20.
2 is 20 integers in an 'array' / memory block format, with unknown value.

int *p3 = new int[100](); is 100 integers all set to 0, but for some reason you can't do a block set this way, it only supports zero initialize if I understand it correctly (I don't use this syntax).
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L1 ptr is allocated memory for 1 int initialised to 20

L2 ptr2 is allocated memory for 20 ints that are uninitialized.

ptr memory is freed using

delete ptr;

ptr2 memory is freed using

delete [] ptr2;

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