After writing the code, when I press compile and debug.
I could not find execute button when I compile Welcome file. Consequently, could not find Welcome.exe file. Can anyone help?

Operating system is Window 10
IDE is devcpp


#include <iostream.h>


cout << "Welcome to Virtual University!";


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Hello tanzil

After reading your post I can not find execute button either because I have no idea what operating system you are using or what IDE you are using either.

As a tip: it is very helpful to mention the operating system and IDE that you are using when you post a message.


PLEASE ALWAYS USE CODE TAGS (the <> formatting button), to the right of this box, when posting code.

Along with the proper indenting it makes it easier to read your code and also easier to respond to your post.

Hint: You can edit your post, highlight your code and press the <> formatting button. This will not automatically indent your code. That part is up to you.

You can use the preview button at the bottom to see how it looks.

I found the second link to be the most help.

saying .exe implies some flavor of windows.
your compiler likely made the executable near the code, so try this in your console:
dir /s *.exe from where the .cpp file you made is. Alternately you can use windows explorer search from where the .cpp file is to locate it. If you still can't find it, we need more input as noted by Andy.

also, the type of main is int:

int main()

and iostream should be
<iostream> without the h. The h is from almost 20 years ago, and still works, but is not great to use anymore. once you change that, you need std::cout << or a using statement like using std::cout; at the top after the includes.

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