Download youtube video

I am always downloading youtube playlists and and sometimes having a hard time doing it because the programs I use sometimes don't work or just don't do it the way I wanted.

So it got me curious, can I create a youtube video(playlist and solo) downloader in c++.

As I am writing this I have many tabs open in my browser, I've read people saying it is impossible, people saying I should choose another language(javascript) and some people claiming they did it with curl(they didn't show the code though).

If that's possible with curl or any other library I would like to know how. I want to know the steps I need to do, what I need to learn and create the program. Hoping that maybe I can create my first "really" real world application and open-source it to make it better.

With a google search I found this:

You may use it as an example.
I have that open, I am trying to understand how it works so I can test it.
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